Cocktail Party Sample Menu

Cocktail Party, Music Industry Event, Manhattan.

Sample Menu

Artichoke Risotto Croquettes
deviderShrimp Salad Filled Eggs
deviderLangoustine Salad Vol-au-vent
deviderSeared Tuna Nicoise Filled Mini Red Potatoes
deviderRoasted Beets and Faro Salad in Cucumber Cups
deviderLemon Scented Lamb Meatballs with Roasted Peppers
deviderRoasted Celeriac, Fennel and Avocado Soup Shooter
deviderParmesan Crisp Filled with Grilled Vegetables
deviderMini Pastrami on Rye with Cornichon
deviderEscolar Ceviche with Green Apples and Shaved Radish
on Wonton Crisp
deviderBraised Rabbit with Dried Cherries and Herbs over
Crispy Polenta Cake